North Lake Tahoe Summer Activities

Look no further for an ideal place to play, shop and dine year-round!

Kings Beach, located in the heart of beautiful North Lake Tahoe, is one of Lake Tahoe’s best beaches because of it’s spacious sandy location, and south facing sun exposure so visitors can enjoy the long warm sunny days, capture the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. With more pedestrian and bike friendly amenities, improved vehicle flow, and landscaping and streetscape amenities, Kings Beach is the perfect place to Play, Shop, & Dine.

The proximity of legendary Lake Tahoe to Kings Beach commercial offerings make it easy and seamless to transition between recreational and commercial assets.  You can jet-ski, eat a meal, enjoy nightlife, and shop in specialty stores, all within easy walking distance.  The lake and the beach are right across the street from lodging, retailers, restaurants and recreation and service providers. Visitors to Kings Beach subscribe to an easy and convenient “park once” philosophy.

In Kings Beach, visitors will find the warmest weather in the Lake Tahoe area and the sandy, shallow shore creates the warmest water for swimming or wading, making it one of Tahoe’s most family-friendly Lake Tahoe experiences.


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