Kings Beach Benefit Assessment District

In a 4-0 vote on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 the Placer County Board of Supervisors approved the formation of a Benefit Assessment District in Kings Beach to fund the maintenance of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project infrastructure improvements slated to begin construction in 2013. The tabulated ballots, which were weighed by their assessment dollar amount, indicated property owners within the proposed District supported the measure. In all, 123 ballots representing $78,083.74 of proposed assessments voted in favor, while 56 ballots representing $42,930.20 were against.The district will extend on both sides of Highway 28, from Highway 267 to Chipmunk Street. The total annual amount the District will collect from parcel owners is $166,000, which will mostly cover snow management along with trash removal; sidewalk cleaning; landscape maintenance; reserve funds for damage, repair or replacement of improvements; and administration fees. Impacted property owners will pay the new assessment once project improvements are completely installed.

Kings Beach is proud to be the first community in the Lake Tahoe basin to successfully form an assessment district.

For more information, please contact Dan LaPlante at 530-581-6231.

What is the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project?

The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project (KBCCIP) is a $44 Million initiative to revitalize Kings Beach through storm water management programs, fresh and new streetscape designs and traffic calming measures.  The project is centered around a “hybrid” three-lane alternative that includes three lanes with roundabouts and limited on-street seasonal parking.

The $24 million Core of the Core project is expected to be completed by Fall 2015 and is an initiative to upgrade and improve a 1.1-mile section of Highway 28 through Kings Beach. The project aims to improve pedestrian mobility and safety and bike access and the aesthetics and feel of downtown.

Project Benefits
  • Improved clarity of Lake Tahoe
  • Safe walking and bike routes
  • Attractive business core
  • Enhanced local and visitor experience

The Pilot neighborhood traffic management plan was implemented in summer 2011. For more information visit