What should I blog about?
NTBA is always looking for a variety of blogs to feature on our website, especially if your blog relates to North Tahoe! We feature several different blog categories on our homepage, including shopping, food & beverage, nightlife, special offers, accommodations and activities. We welcome blogs relating to any of these categories, whether you are promoting your business or a local or visitor who wants to share your voice, experience or something fun and exciting you did in the area.

How do I write a blog for NTBA?
It’s simple! All you have to do is write your blog and submit it to info@northtahoebusiness.org. Don’t forget to attach any photos you would like to include in your blog post. Once NTBA approves and edits your blog, we will post it our website and notify you. Totally new to blogging? Don’t worry, you can fill out this NTBA Blog Post Submission Form and we can help you piece your blog together. While we encourage and appreciate all blog submissions, NTBA staff retains the right to edit or deny any submission.

What are the benefits of blogging?

  • Bring more customers to your website
  • Advertise and market your product or service
  • Share your expertise and knowledge with a larger audience
  • Enhance your writing skills + more!
  • Brings more traffic to NTBA website, which in turn provides opportunity for increased exposure for NTBA members

Blogging Tips

Good content is key.
Write content that you would want to read. Try to capture your reader with entertaining and engaging content throughout your post. Be creative and find new ways to talk about your topic. You want your blog to stand out with informative, helpful, inspiring content. The better your content, the more likely it will show up in search results.

Use pictures.
Photos are a crucial element to a great blog. Not only do you want to capture your readers with good content, you want to show them. If you are blogging for a business, include photos of items you are trying to promote or sell. If you are restaurant, include photos of your food specials or your dining atmosphere. This is your opportunity to show your reader why they should be interested in your blog.

Write like you talk.
Let your personality show when you are writing your blog. By writing like you speak, your posts will end up being more engaging and easier to read. Let your readers build a connection with you while they read your content.

Use your blog as a free marketing tool.
If your blog relates to your business–something you sell, serve or advocate for, by all means, reference your business name! This is a great marketing opportunity and a way to bring visitors to your website. Include call-to-action links for readers to sign up for your email list, like you on Facebook or visit your business. Not only are you marketing your business, ¬†you will also increase the number of your return visitors.

Give stuff away!
If you want people to start following your blogs or your business, or subscribe to your email list, give them some incentive. Host a raffle with your email subscriber list or with your Facebook followers.