Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful and iconic lakes in the world. As the largest alpine lake in North America, it has the California and Nevada state line running through it, with two-thirds of the lake in California. At 1,644’ deep, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States and it is the 11th deepest fresh water lake in the world.  Lake Tahoe is fed by 63 streams and two hot springs.


North Lake Tahoe is made up of many small lakefront communities from Sand Harbor in Nevada, to Tahoe City in California. North Tahoe Business Association serves communities in the heart of North Lake Tahoe including Carnelian Bay, Tahoe Vista, and Kings Beach in California, and Crystal Bay in Nevada. The communities are connected by the common threads of a shared shoreline, spectacular lake views, south facing and some of the most expansive and sandy beaches on the lake, abundant lake access and recreational opportunities, considered Tahoe’s “banana belt” because of its south facing exposure, offers the best sunsets, and an authentic mountain and lakeside environment. It’s a place where one can enjoy lake and land recreation, retail shops, historic sites, arts and culture. For more information on Carnelian Bay, Tahoe Vista, Kings Beach and Crystal Bay, click on the town.

Although North Lake Tahoe is predominately considered a summer destination, in the winter months, it offers an authentic experience with unique charm and winter visits to North Lake Tahoe for skiing and riding are not complete until visitors experience picturesque Lake Tahoe up close to check out quaint lakeside lodging properties, restaurants and shops.
Lake Tahoe provides 4-season recreation including snowsports in the winter with 17 world-class Alpine and Cross-County Ski Resorts within close proximity (Lake Tahoe is the largest concentration of downhill ski resorts in North America) and watersports, mountain biking, hiking and more in the summer and fall.


Fast Facts:

If Lake Tahoe was emptied, it would submerge California under 15” of water.

There is enough water in Lake Tahoe to supply everyone in the United States with more than 75 gallons of water per day for 5 years.

Lake Tahoe is as long as the English Channel is wide.

Due to its depth, Lake Tahoe never freezes.

The bottom of Lake Tahoe, at 4,580’ above sea level, is lower than the Carson Valley floor in Nevada.

About 2.7 million visitors come to Lake Tahoe annually.

  • Natural rim: 6,223 ft
  • Length: 22 miles x Width: 12 miles
  • Surface Area: 192 square miles
  • Shoreline: 72 miles
  • Average Depth: 1,000 ft
  • Maximum Depth: 1,644 ft
  • Volume: 41 trillion gallons
  • Watershed Area: 314 sq. mi.
  • Average water temperature: 42.1º and Average surface water temp: 51.9º
  • Highest Peak: Freel Peak at 10,881’
  • Average snowfall: 409”
  • Age of Lake Tahoe: 2 million years